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"This is more than just a haircut, this is the gateway to accepting your hair in its truest form." ~ Dezi

At Curls by Dezi a simple haircut won't do. This is a life-changing experience for you and your curls. Once you get your first curly cut we doubt you'll be able to go back to how your curls used to be. 

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Feedback From Our Clients

Dezi gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever received. She also taught me a lot about how to care for and style my hair. I would recommend anybody who has curly/wavy hair to give Dezi a try because you will get an amazing haircut.

Services: Curly hair, Haircut

Jennifer Jension: 6/29/22

Dezi is a gem ! So sweet and down to earth. She treated my ESA with kindness and respect. Dezi explained everything before she did it and gave options, asked me lots of questions. Then I was confident I was in the right place. Especially after I saw my results. I had been doing it all wrong. Dezi showed me the correct way to deal with my curls. If you have curls, you must come see DEZI!

Erika K: 6/25/2022

Shes beyond amazing! Don’t ask questions, just go see her 🙌🏾😍

Services: Curly hair, Haircut, Hairstyling

BlossomTology101: 5/16/22

I won’t let anyone else cuz my hair! Dezi is the best!

Gina V: 5/29/2022

Dezi is a gift to all curly haired people. She really knows her stuff and educates her clients about their curls and proper care. Added bonus: she's great with kids too! My little guy will be seeing her forever!

Chelle Belle: 3 months ago

Had my first of many experiences with Dezi yesterday, and it was SUCH a pleasant experience from start to finish! I’m trying to learn more about how to take care of my curly hair, and sometimes the advice you find online doesn’t exactly match your hair type. Dezi let me know exactly what kind of hair texture I have and what kinds of products to use for it. She didn’t push any particular brand or try to sell me anything, which I really appreciate. She walked me through the whole process on how to properly wash and dry my hair, and also how to style it. I’ve never had my hair cut by someone who focuses on bringing out my naturally curly hair, and it is SUCH A GAME CHANGER. I will be returning back to Dezi every time I need a haircut. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to what a haircut can be like!

Kelly W: 5 months ago


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