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Deserae ( Dezi)

Curl Specialist 





My Salon Suite

7989 Southtown Dr, Bloomington, Mn, 55431

Suite# 405

A Bit About Me

Hello there! My name is Dezi, and I am a passionate curly hair stylist. I believe that every curly hair client deserves a peaceful and indulgent experience when they walk into my salon suite. My mission is to change peoples mindsets about their natural hair. I'm not just a stylist, but also a Libra "sun", Aries "moon", and Pisces "rising" for all my zodiac sign enthusiasts. When I'm not working, you can find me at home taking care of my beautiful garden and tending to my puppy Lady. I love to be surrounded by nature and bask in my introverted energy when I am home. Come visit me at my suite if your ready for an ultimate curly hair experience!

Curly Hair Certifications

Cut It Kinky Certification 02/20/2022

Curly World Certification 05/11/2020

I'd like to call myself a coil enthusiast. I'm all about helping my clients embrace their natural texture and curl pattern. To further my education and provide the best possible service, I took the Cut It Kinky course from Black Girl Curls, founded by Aishia Strickland & Aeleise. This extensive course helped me master the fundamentals of cutting, coloring and styling tightly coiled hair - an essential skill in curly hair care. I am excited to use my expertise to help my clients achieve stunning results they'll love.

My passion for curly hair has led me to train with the very best in the industry. During a visit to Oasis Curl salon in Rockville Maryland, I had the privilege of being taught by the legendary Lorraine Massey in the art of Curl By Curl Cutting. This approach celebrates the beauty of natural curls, and allows for hair to fall into its unique shape, providing volume, definition, and bounce. I'm dedicated to helping clients amaze with their beautiful and unique curls. I even got my book signed by Lorraine before heading back to Minneapolis.

Deva Curl Certification 07/13/2018

I learned very early on that traditional hair techniques do not always work for every hair type. This led me to become a Deva Certified stylist and travel to Soho Manhattan to dive deeper into the art of texture and how to manage and style naturally curly hair. We strive to create an atmosphere that is not only comfortable but also inspires creativity. We believe that every client should leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful.

Dezi's Time Off Calander!

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of my clients for their trust and patronage. Your time and energy to sit in my  chair is not taken for granted. I am currently booking appointments well in advance, in order to ensure your needs are met with the utmost care. My schedule books out two month in advanced. Please know that I respect my personal time and will not be answering messages or emails on my off-days. Expect a callback within 48 hours and an email/text reply within 24 hours.


May Time Off Calendar:

Week 1: 05/06/2024, 05/09/2024, 05/12/2024

Week 2: 05/13.2024, 05/18/2024, 05/19/2024

Week 3: 05/20/2024, 05/23/2024

Week 4: 05/27/2024, 06/01/2024, 06/02/2024

Be on the look out on my Instagram/ Facebook stories for days that may open up unexpectedly!

Thank you!

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