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Curls by Dezi Policies

An Outstanding Experience

At our hair salon, we thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the doors the best possible service we can offer. That’s why we have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Curls by Dezi experience. They’re not rules, they’re just some general things to keep in mind to make sure your experience with us goes as smoothly as possible.

Policies: Policies
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First Time?

We've all been there!

Embarking on a curly journey can be difficult! That's why our stylists are here to help make life a little easier! As a first-time client, you'll have all sorts of questions about your curls! It's only natural. So that's why we recommend all first-time clients experience a Curly Cut. A curly cut gives your stylist an adequate amount of time. Not only to teach you about your curls but also to answer all those questions. Please email us to learn more.

Policies: Policies

Curly Kido's

Curly Kids Are The Future.

Children under the age of 10 years old can receive a Kids Cut. We often recommend parents to book their children an adult haircut. If your curly cutie has an adult amount of hair. This will give your stylist an adequate amount of time for their service. 

For the best experience we recommend children to arrive with their hair worn down. In it's natural curly state no buns, braids, twist out or any stretched style that will manipulate their natural curl pattern.

If detangling services are required please request when booking for additional detangling. The fee for detangling is $25 per 15 minutes. This charge will be applied at the end of the service.

(Please note that we may not be able to perform services on very tangled hair. If your child becomes distressed while washing or detangling. Our stylists will cease performing the service.)

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Policies: Policies
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Running Late?

 Out of respect for all of our clients, guests arriving after the start time of their appointment may be asked to reschedule. If you show up 15 minutes late to your appointment (without letting us know), we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to give you the complete allotted time since we don’t want to keep any of our other clients waiting unnecessarily.  Be in touch to find out more.

Policies: Late Arrivals

Late Cancellations?


Stuff happens, and sometimes you need to cancel your appointment with us. We get it. To uphold our cancelation policy all clients are required to provide a credit card at the time of booking to secure their requested appointment time. The credit card is not charged ahead of the appointment.

 To best serve our clients and our staff, we require a minimum of 24-hour notice via telephone to cancel or change an appointment. Cancellations on short notice prohibit other clients from being able to fill that slot. Cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice may be subject to a charge of 50% of the booked appointment value.

If you do not cancel your appointment with adequate notice and do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you may be subject to a charge of 100% of the booked appointment value. We thank you in advance, if you have any questions please email or call us!

Policies: Cancellations
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 Requests for haircut or hair color adjustments must be made within seven days of the original appointment.

 Corrective color processes can require multiple visits, because of this color adjustments do not apply to corrective color appointments.

Please contact us down below if there are any further questions.

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It's only natural to have a few tangles in curly hair. However for the best experience at our salon. We recommend that all clients come to their appointments with detangled hair.

Upon arrival if our stylist dictate the tangles are unable/ not enough time to be worked through. They have the right to cancel the service and send clients home with a hair mask/advice on how to remove knots or matting.

If  our stylist spends more than the adequate amount of time to detangle your curls. For every additional 15 minutes spent detangling. A $25 fee will be added at the end of your appointment. Please reach out if there are further questions. 

Policies: Policies

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges.

Need to swap something?

If you’re not fully satisfied with the products or tools that you have purchased. They can be given in-store credit or exchanged for a better product for the same price. 

Products that are eligible for an exchange must be two weeks or less from the original purchase date. Products that are half-empty do not qualify for an exchange or refund. 

Salon services are not eligible for a refund. If you are not satisfied with the services provided. Your stylist is more than willing to make adjustments. Please reach out to us so we may book your adjustment for you. 

There are no cash refunds. 

 If there are further questions please connect with us by clicking the button below. 

Policies: Policies
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