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How do I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive with your hair freshly washed, detangled, dry hair in a simple wash and go style. Please note that braids, buns, twist or braid outs, headbands, ponytails, updo styles, or any “stretched” style that will alter your curl pattern.

This will prevent your stylist from giving you an accurate cut/ color for your curl and maybe cause for rescheduling your appointment. Detangling fees may be applied for excessive detangling.

What's the quickest way to reach Curls By Dezi?

If you have any questions regarding services, color appointments, etc. Please send us an email at

Since our stylist is usually behind the chair performing services. An email is the quickest way to receive a same-day response. If you happen to call and leave a voicemail please allow up to 42 hours for a callback. 


Why do you cut curls dry?

Curls are naturally bouncy and stretchy. When you wet, comb through and straighten curls, as with wet hair cutting, it is impossible to know how much a curl will spring up as it dries. We cut without combs or using tension to let each curl express itself naturally. By leaving the curl dry we can see the natural silhouette and length of the haircut as we shape it, and so can you.

Do you offer a consultation? 

At the beginning of every appointment, a consultation is mandatory for our stylists. To ensure you and your stylist are on the same page for the service. However, if there are special concerns regarding your appointment. We recommend sending an email or text for a more indef conversation.

What is a Pintura?

Pintura highlighting involves sweeping on color or lightener (or both) to your individual curls to give you personalized dimension in your hair based on your unique texture.

 Starting prices are a *base* price for color services. The quote for your color service will be determined at your consultation. Depending on what color service you are getting done and the density and texture of your hair, the price is subject to change. Please schedule a consultation if you have questions about pricing prior to your color appointment. Thank you so much for understanding.

Do you offer other services such as , perms, relaxers, or keratin treatments?

As we are a natural hair/curl focused salon, we do not perform any chemical texture processes (relaxers, perms, keratin treatments, etc) that compromise the health of our client’s hair. We are here to help you appreciate your curls, not ruin them. Thank you for understanding.

Do you offer braiding or extension services?

Since we are a naturally curly hair salon, we do not offer braiding, locking, or extension services. Everything we do here at our salon revolves around accepting your natural curls without the use of manipulative styling ( Twist outs, Braid outs, Bantu Knots, etc.) 

Please send us an email if there are further questions.

Do you Balayage, Ombre, or foil hair?

Since we are a Natural Curly Focused salon, our stylists use the Pintura Method for coloring curly hair. Traditional coloring techniques work beautifully for straight hair. However, balayage's, Ombre's, and foiling have a hard time showing up on curlier hair types. Since curls bend and twist differently all over the head, we prefer to use the pintura method. Which involves sweeping color or lightener onto individual curl clusters. Allowing for the color to twist with the curl and add dimension, as well as an extended, grow-out time.


Give Us Your Feedback!

What Did You Think?

Here at Curls By Dezi we are always trying to improve out guests experience. Please let us know your thoughts. So that we can give you the best salon experince. 

Thanks for your feedback!

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