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Curly Models!

Are you ready for a color transformation?

Color Models: Text

Curly Color Models!

Helpful Information

Are you wanting to sign up to be a color model?

Please read through the following FQA'S and requirements before signing up! 

Is this a free color service?

All color models will have a discounted price for their color services.

Creative colors & Specialty Blonde color services have a base price of $290.00.

 All color services will be discounted by 50%.

Creative Colors: $145.00

Blonde Colors: $145.00

Do I get to pick the color(s)?

Your stylist will have complete creative control over the colors being chosen.

When filling out the Color Model Form there are four categories to choose from.

Each model can select which category they would prefer to be in.

However, depending on if that color slot has been filled by another model. 

Your stylist will let you know what options are still available.  

Will pictures/videos be taken of my hair?

Coloring hair is a form of art!

We would love and appreciate being able to capture your curls before, during and after the color service is complete!

All pictures and videos would be posted onto the Curls by Dezi's social platforms in a positive light. 

If I have previous color on my curls, can I still sign up?

Previous color lingering on the hair can drastically change the outcome of the color trying to be achieved.

For the platinum blonde, pastel/ mermaid hair colors.

We prefer for color models to either have virgin hair. (Hair that has not been previously colord or chemically treated.) .

If your hair is containing Henna/ Box dye/ Rinses/ Toning conditioners (over tone). We prefer for color model's to chose Fall inspired color category.

If your hair has been pre lightened/ lifted in previous salon services, that is fine!  

Will my hair be cut shorter?

Before starting the color service your stylist will assess your hair.

If the ends of your curls look like they need to be trimmed.

( Trim being 1inch or less) 

Then your stylist may trim your ends so that your curls look polished in pictures/videos.

If your looking to have a big chop along with your color transformation.

Let your stylist know!

Color Models: FAQ

 Model Policies

Lets review the rules!

1: Healthy Curls

In order to protect the integrity of anyone's curls. 

It's always best to start off with a healthy head of hair. 

Hair that has heat damage or chemical damage (relaxers, keratin treatments and haircoloring.)  May not be suited for this kind of color service.

2: Deposit

All color models are required to have a card on file at the time of booking their color service!

To secure appointments a $30.00 deposit will be charged to hold all appointments. The $30.00 will be applied to your color service.

If a model no show's or does not cancel their appointment within a 42 hour notice. They forfeit their $30.00 deposit.

3: Returns/Adjustments

All colors are creatively chosen by your stylist. Adjustments can be made after three days of the original appointment.

There are no refunds or cash refunds on services. However adjustments are always an option.

Color Models: List

Color Options

Down below are the color options that color models can choose from.

Please keep in mind that even if you sign up for a certain color.

That color option may all ready have been claimed by another color model.

If that happens Dezi will respond with the color options still available. 


Fall Inspired Colors!

Fall is officially here!

Think of  ginger, copper tones or rich mahogany's, and velvet purple! If your a model seeking a more fall themed color, then this is the one for you!

Platinum Inspired Colors!

Have you ever wanted to be an ashy/ silvery blonde? Possibly a gold-violet tone? Or maybe even a champaign blonde? Then this would be the service for you!


Pastel Inspired Colors!

Dreaming of a lilac sky or pastel shades of pink.. But all over your curls?

This service will be best suited for clients who have virgin curls or pre lightened curls. 

Mermaid Inspired Colors!

Mermaid hair consists of multiple colors of the rainbow. But all over your curls! Some mermaid colors consist of blending colors together to create a sunset gradient color scheme. Dreaming in rainbows? Then this is the service for you!

Color Models: Projects
Hair Color

Color Model Form

Looking for a change?

Then look no further!

Dezi is currently looking for natural curly hair models who want to express themselves through their hair!

Please keep in mind when signing up to be a curly color model.

Dezi will be choosing the colors being applied.

Please fill out the form below!

Color History
Available Days

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Color Models: Job Application
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